Magnetic Water Bottle

Magnetic Water Bottle: Premium Insulated Bottle with MagSafe Phone Holder for Hydration and Convenience

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Hands-Free Cooking Assistant

Use the Magnetic Water Bottle as a convenient phone stand in the kitchen. Follow recipes or watch cooking tutorials with ease while keeping your phone secure and your hands free.

Drive Safely and Stay Connected

Use the Magnetic Water Bottle as a secure phone holder in your car. Perfect for navigation and hands-free calls, keeping your device within easy reach and your focus on the road.

Perfect Makeup Companion

Use the Magnetic Water Bottle as a stable phone stand while doing your makeup. Easily follow beauty tutorials and keep your hands free for a flawless application.

MagSafe Phone Holder Water Bottle

MagSafe-Enabled Hydration: Seamlessly Integrate Your Phone and Bottle

Our Magnetic Water Bottle features an integrated MagSafe phone holder that securely attaches your phone to the bottle. Perfect for hands-free convenience, whether you’re at the gym, traveling, or working. This innovative design ensures your device is always within reach, allowing you to stay connected and productive while keeping hydrated.

Enjoy Perfectly Tempered Drinks All Day Long

Our Magnetic Water Bottle is engineered with advanced vacuum insulation technology, ensuring your beverages remain at the ideal temperature throughout the day. Whether you need to keep your water ice-cold during a workout or your coffee piping hot on a long commute, this bottle has you covered.

Magnetic Water Bottle for Apple iPhone with MagSafe Stand

Universal Compatibility: Perfect for All Devices

Our Magnetic Water Bottle is designed with universal compatibility in mind. Thanks to the included magnetic booster ring, it works seamlessly with all smartphones, including older iPhones, Android phones, and even tablets. Whether you’re an iPhone loyalist or prefer another brand, this bottle has you covered.