120W Power Adapter

120W QC 5.0 Power Adapter Plug

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120W Fast-Charging↑

Charge your devices in record speed

Smart Chip

Reliable Charging Guard


Ultra-Fast Charging↑

120W Fast Charging

Introducing the cutting-edge 120W Fast Charging Plug – a breakthrough in power delivery solutions.

Worldwide Usability

Travel and charge with ease using the Universal 120W Fast Charging Plug. Engineered for global compatibility, this charger seamlessly adapts to electrical standards across continents. Whether you're hopping between European cities, exploring Asian metropolises, or journeying through the Americas, this plug ensures your devices stay powered up. Its dynamic voltage range and interchangeable plug adapters make it a must-have accessory for the global traveler. No more lugging around multiple chargers or hunting for the right adapter. One plug, worldwide usability.